27 Mar

10 reasons to learn French in Bordeaux !

Today I dress a list of ten reasons for you to come to Bordeaux and learn French ! (Even if there are a lot more than ten !)

1)The wonderful landscape between ocean and forest
The incredible view from « Dune du Pyla » can perfectly illustrate this idea : on one side you have the atlantic ocean and on the other the pines.

2) Very good restaurants :
For every tastes and every prices! Come here to discover the regional wines and gastronomy !
Close to the ocean and « bassin d’Arcachon » it is a real delight to have seafood in front of a beautiful oceanic view. Others sugary specialities are also very enjoyable in this part of France! you will enjoy for sure…

3) Touristic activities

A lot of possibilities to do hiking, between Bordeaux and its surroundings there is a lot to do ! Come to see the wine growing region, the beautiful vineyards, but also the markets, cultural events, french bric-a-brac trades, parcs, museums, cathedrals, squares…
There are a lot of calm places also, and you can see animals such as the birds’ island, « l’île aux oiseaux ». A lot of places are designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

4) The sportive atmosphere !
Yes! Here people are sportive, they like jogging and marathon, running close to the Garonne on the beautiful quay (bordeaux’s river). It is a very dynamic city and people move with their bike in the city : more simple and environmentally friendly!

5) Numerous means of transport :

In Bordeaux you have three tramway lines and you can go almost everywhere. If not, you have a lot of bus ! Some of them are very modern and electric 😉 .You can also rent a bike, electric car, segway…
For sure by the train you can go everywhere else in France and take the advantage of the opportunity to visit others french cities!

6) Beautiful shops here !

The very big bookshop « Mollat » is very famous and beautiful in the center of the city. You can buy french literature but also foreign literature. La Rue Saint Catherine (st Catherine street) is the longest street with shops, but you have also a lot of very cute streets with unusual and vintages beautiful things. It is your job to look around and discover them in Bordeaux city and the old Bordeaux also.

7) European Best Destination 2015 !
Because it’s very enjoyable to live here, to study or to be in holidays Bordeaux won this award ! Thank you to every visitors who participated to this vote !
You also need to test Bordeaux by night if you want beautiful pictures. Also, because going out by night is a good way to see how the city is dynamic and friendly !

8) Ideal city ! A must-see :

Whether it be a family discovery or a lover discovery or even by yourself there is always something to do in the city.

9) Nature everywhere :
In this city you can breath, you never feel suffocated, the quality of air is good. Oceanic fresh air is healthy.

10) A big airport !
This airport will lead you probably here but also if you want to take the advantage of the opportunity to visit others countries close to France it is possible and easy.

And … Bonus !

Number 11 : The Chocolatine !
In this region we use french regional expressions. There is sud – ouest expressions but also expressions that belong to Bordeaux! In this way, when every others french people eat « Pain au chocolat » for their breakfast, the « Bordelais » (inhabitants of bordeaux) eat « chocolatine » !!!

See more : Tourist office’s website :  http://www.bordeaux-tourism.co.uk/

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