Anaïs Dubois – French Teacher in Bordeaux

My method

Use of authentic documents

For my lessons, I prefer to use authentic documents rather than grammar books in order to have a French learning as close to natural context of communication as possible.

I use all types of documents that French people may have in their everyday life, such as: YouTube videos, TV reports, podcasts, film extracts, but also any kind of texts, newspaper articles, book extracts…

I also like to use various advertisements, as it is an ideal format to learn everyday French expressions, and to understand a lot of puns!

Of course, the documents will always be adapted to your language level, and in case you are a complete beginner, don’t worry: if necessary, I can use English, a bit of Spanish, or even a few words in Japanese to communicate during our first exchanges, and to help you during the very first lessons!

Communicative and action-oriented approach

The communicative approach is focused on the ability to communicate in a foreign language while taking into account the context of the communication. I will then analyze the communication situations and the “speech acts” of the authentic documents to teach them to you. From these documents, we can work on grammar in a natural context to speak just like French people!

Of course, we will sometimes do a few exercises from a grammar book, but this will not be the core of the course.

With the action-based approach, the learner speaks more than the teacher! You will be the actor of the lesson, and we will work on your knowledge of French with contextualized exchanges and real-life situations that will mobilize a maximum of language skills (for example via role-playing games).

Tailor-made to your learning objectives

During our first meeting, we discuss your objectives and I realize an assessment of your level in French, so I can create a tailor-made progression based on your learning profile. I also explain to you the points that we will work on to reach the next level.

I generally work on oral and written skills, both production and comprehension, but I adapt the lessons to your difficulties and your strengths!

For example, if you have difficulty with oral comprehension, we will start by working on this skill first. If you have a good level of French but have forgotten some basic grammar, we will start with a review of these points.