Anaïs Dubois – French Teacher in Bordeaux

General Terms and Conditions

French Teacher Bordeaux is the website of the small company « DUBOIS ANAIS EI ».

This company sell services and more specifically language lessons in French as a foreign language. The initial price of the lessons is available on the web site then discussed with the futur student before the lessons start. All informations concerning prices, frequency of lessons are discussed by email.

To estimate the price of a lesson, several aspect are taking into acompte such as the type of lessons (standard or specific), nomber of participants, preparation time for the lesson, documents and material provided, place where the lesson will take place. The price is not concerned by TVA (TVA non applicable, art. 293-B du CGI).

If a student has specific demandes that imply an extra fee such as the ticket for museum, the extra fee will be pay by the student.

Payment can be sold at the end of the month after the invoice is sent or after each class, if the student asks for. This point could be discussed as soon as the lessons start. It is possible to pay with transfer, PayPal or cash.

For the monthly invoice, the payment has to be made within the 7 days following the invoice, after that 10% of penalty could be claimed.
At every moment the student or the teacher could put an end to the lessons if it’s not suitable for one or the other.
In case of cancellation, the student has to inform the teacher 24h before the time of the lesson. If it’s not possible the lesson would be charged.
It is forbidden to give away, publish or sell the material made by the teacher (intellectual property) without her approbation.